100WGGU/ I'm Late!

100 Word Challenge for Grown ups – Week#109

…tail chasing did not help….
As usual, keep it to 100 words plus the prompt, link back to here and make it suitable for a PG certificate.

 My contribution is called I'm Late!

Nine! I’ve overslept and now have one hour to get up, get dressed and get to my interview.  
  I leap out of bed in a panic, run to the bathroom. No time instead, put on my clothes en route.    Keys, purse, tail chasing did not help me find the phone. I’m out.
  I rip my stockings jumping on the bus.
 'I think a bird crapped on your head,’ the driver says mockingly.
 A rip, bird waste what else could go wrong, I what to cry. All is not lost I arrive just in time to find the doors lock.
 It’s Saturday.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


  1. Love the panic in this and how it builds to that final... ahh phew! We've all had days like these (mostly not a Saturday in my case though :-( )!

    1. Hey Forest, I've had a few as well even one on a Saturday...hehe!
      Thanks for the lovely comment!


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