Sharing Some Wonderful News

First I want to apologize to every that I follow for not being here to read all of your wonderful work. I love every one of you and you have become an inspiration to me in my endeavors.
For those who don't know or isn't following me yet on  Twitter, Facebook or here, I have been working very hard on two novels that are scheduled to be released later this summer, as well as a book of poems.
Yeah, I know that sounds crazy, but as many of you writers know, this is part of the work after all the writing is done. I'm still doing everything I can to get them out as soon as possible and just I so you know, I will be promoting them here.
We writers are born to write, it's ingrained in us to write something everyday or every other day. We have to do what our mind and heart's tells us to do, and that is to sit down and write.
With that said, I have never really written poetry before. It's one of those things that came to me later in my writing. However I was in this writer's site and one of the younger writers suggested that I began to write poetry to help me improve my style. I wasn't sure I needed any help.
Plus, I didn't think I had that kind of thought challenging insight in me. I have always written stories and told tales. I didn't see poet, but I'm a writer, a weaver of words, so I gave it a try.
Pretty soon I found that I liked writing poetry a lot and wasn't half bad at story poems. I studied different forms and began to write poems at work on my spare time or while waiting at the doctors, just anywhere I could draw with words.
I soon felt so confident with my poetry that I began to offer them to family and friends on greeting cards and post-its. My confidence grew until I started submitting them to magazines and publication.
Now, not only was I getting rejection letters  for my stories but also for my poems. They were piling up just like the ones for my novels had been.  That is until today.
I went to open my emails this morning like every morning and then....Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!  The first words I read were, congratulation your poem has been selected.... and I couldn't read any further. I'm a published poet, was the first thought that jumped into my head.
I screamed so loud that I scared everyone in the house. They came running to see what was happening. When I finally calm down so I can tell them, they all screamed again with me.  We were having a shouting, screaming, jumping good time.
That was early this morning and I'm still flying on cloud nine. I just popped in to let my other family know about this wonderful news.
Thank you to everyone that has read my poems and shorts and added comments or just said you  like them. That in its self has kept me writing, and working at this craft we all love so much.
Keep writing my friends and I will keep reading and supporting as you have done for me. Wow! I still can't believe it. I'm a published Poet.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin