This is an excerpt from my latest Urban Speculative Fiction novel that will be published this August. I'm still in the process of working out the rough edges, but things are progressing nicely.  I hope you enjoy this piece.
Short Synopsis
Harman Campbell believes he’s a good man. He worked hard to get out of the hostile environment and urban decay of his youth, to earn a college degree. He loves his wife and works hard, doing what he has to do, to provide for them during this economic decline.  Yet, Harman has a side to his nature that he keeps hidden. A side that he nurtures in the dark recesses of his soul. But what’s done in the dark will come to the light.
Excerpt  Chapter 2 
“What if something happens Harman, we’ll be back where we started.”
“Like what?” I said perturbed. I wasn’t doing anything illegal and was getting sick of Sasha scrutinizing what I did. It wasn’t like I was paddling drugs on the street to woman and children. I was making a decent honest living just sitting at a bar. I knew a lot of guys that did the same damn thing every day and wasn’t getting paid.  Shit, I was making enough money now that even her old man had to give me props.
“Like, you going to jail.” Sasha said, putting the dishes away in the dishwasher. “That’s a real possibility or have you just not thought about it?”
I hadn’t. Rollin told me that once I started thinking about getting caught and going to jail, I would get caught and go to jail. So I had never allowed myself to think about the possibility. Besides, I was just looking out a fucking window.

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