A Sunday Snippet

Inheritance  An Abraham Seed Novel
Chapter # 3 pg 80

Grant was not the boy Zahila remembered as the long, wiry, happy go lucky sixteen-year-old. He has grown into that lanky frame, filling it out with thick ripped sinew. He was always handsome, but now his features personified manhood, in an intimidating street warrior kind of way. Thick curly black hair fell to his shoulders and swayed slightly in the breeze as he set his black ominous eyes on her.

Grant’s thick eyebrows were set in a deep scowl against his flawless black face and his strong roughed jaw- line throbbed under a full rich unruly beard. There was something in his demeanor. Something just underneath his cool exterior, that she sensed was dark and lethal. She thought it would be wise to take a step back. No, this wasn’t the boy she knew.

Zahila was about to thank Grant for his help when he spoke in a deep thundering voice that had her stomach quivering. “Are you hurt?”

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin