Debt ( Good Morning)

I woke with a start, unsure of my surroundings, as I threw my legs over the bed. The sun broke through the white curtains of the open window allowing the sounds of clucking chickens to enter the room with the high posted bed. I looked around at the heavy furniture  and the dull white walls, puzzled as to how I got in his bed. I remember waiting him out on the sofa, but I must have fallen asleep. I looked down, I was still clothed. He had  brought me here, but why?  

 I jumped from the bed to look for my bag, finding it right near where my feet landed.  I quickly check to make sure my prized possession was still inside.  I pulled out the thin soft green material  which held a small purple stone . I found the pebble in a field of wild flowers of the same color. I was so mesmerized by it, that I keep it with me where ever I went. It was my good luck stone. I closed my fingers around it and made a wish. “ Please let me get to Aunt Pat’s and let her want me.”

I opened my eyes and stared  at the closed door while the  smell of  bacon drifted across my nose. The  smokey fragrant  caused my stomach to rumble. I was starving, yet, I wouldn’t leave the room. Instead , I sat back on the bed listening as you moved around the house.  Suddenly, there was a knock on the door which startling me.
 “ I left you something in the kitchen,”you said. “ A list of things for you to do.” I didn’t respond, waiting to hear you walk away. Your heavy footfalls echoed in the quiet room. When I finally heard the back door close, I jumped from the bed and dashed out the room.

 I rushed through the house until I reached the kitchen ready to make myself a meal, but there on the table , waiting for me, was a plate full of food; eggs, bacon, grits and toast.  I was surprised you had prepared breakfast for me. I know Papa ain’t never cooked at home, only me and Mommy. I rushed over and quickly devoured the food.

When I finished, I finally read the note you placed next to the plate. It was a list of my chores. I was to wash your clothes, clean your house, cook your meals and take care of your animals, then help you in the field.  I put the note back and went to  clean the kitchen.

Once finished, I returned  to the bedroom and  put my stone back in my  bag before picking it up to walk back out the door. I was leaving, since my family didn’t want me, I would go to someone who did.  I took several pieces of dry meat, a few eggs and some flour and put them in my bag before walking out your door. It would probably take me a few weeks to get to Aunt Pat in Georgia, I thought, if I start out now.

Copyright © 2013-14 Glynis Rankin