Earth Day 2013

 Yesterday was a beautiful  sunny 70 degrees, it was  great day to celebrate our wonderful planet. In this half of our world, the day was arrayed in all her wonderful Spring Glory. The Apple Blossom is in full bloom  so are the tulips and DayLillys, who brighten the day with their wonderful colors. I took a walk in the park, listening to the birds sing and watching  squirrels scurry, while picking up the trash left behind by my fellow earthlings.

Every time I see someone throwing trash out of their cars, or dropping it on the streets, I’m reminded of that 70’s commercial with the American Indian, who walks around seeing people littering . He turns to the camera and  a tear falls from  his eye after a car passes him throwing trash at his fee. It was very dramatic and  I loved it. Every time I saw that commercial  it made a mental  impression on my small brain. I never forgot that look in his eyes, the sadness, and I couldn’t help but not litter. What happen to those commercials that forced us to be more than we are.

 I’ve been to peoples' homes that throw trash on their floors, or left empty items on their tables and think nothing about allowing it to pile up, and not even then get up to remove them… What happen to us as people, from  the time of those classic commercials that told us to have pride in our cities by keeping them clean. How did we get to throwing trash where ever we stop? It’s crazy,  that we so easily litter our  world. Polluting the only place we have to live, thrive, survive. We have to stop this madness, before we didn’t have a planet at all.

This World Day, make the choice to throw your waste in the proper place. Give a hoot, don’t pollute.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin