Flashback Thursdays/ Imagining Words

 India Arie said, "they are always in my head, in my dreams they are always in my head. How can I live one day without you, the words in my head?"

I know what she means, it seems that whenever I watch a program on television I think of another way in which the plot could have gone or how the story could be explored deeper.
 I have even sat around with a picture in your head or a vivid dream that played out like a story. Simply walking in the park would spark a thought for a story plot and a family member talking me about their day would spark my imagination. Envisioning  story plots in just about every aspect of my life has complied me to write down those stories roaming around in my head.
For I am an writer, an inspiring author who hopes to get published.

This site is a collection of  my Imaginings and those of some of my friends. My posting  will consist of snippets from my books, the trials of getting published as well as features from some of my author friends that have already gone through the fires and just might give us some insight on this publishing world. Not all of them are published authors but some are just fellow writers with the same ambitions.



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