Doppelgangers Intro

The first summer we spent at Granny's, we both thought we wouldn't have anything to do or anyone to play with. Granny didn't have toys like PlayStation or Nintendo to entertain young children like my brother who was just nine at the time. Rafe missed his friends and toys dearly and seating around reading books or talking on the phone like me were out of the question.
So, I took it upon myself to find friends for my brother who was shy by nature. The neighbors, I was told by Granny, had a son my brother's age so we went over to play with him only to be told he was outside playing ball with his friends down the street. So we went looking for him and found him alone with his dog near a open field where some boys were playing sandlot baseball.
I introduce the boys and it seem that Rafe and the boy was hitting it off, both were more interested in the dog then playing baseball. So l lift them to return to the house. Upon reaching the house I heard a boy's laughter coming from behind the bushes that separated my Granny's home with her neighbor's. Curisous, I peeped into the bush to see our neighbor's son playing with a fog. I jumped back in surprise to see the same boy I had just lift with my boy just a few minutes before. I ran into the house breathless to tell Granny what I saw.
"Granny, Granny! I just saw the strangest than."
Granny was standing at the stove like always stiring something in a pot on the stove.
"Calm down chile, what you see?"She asked keeping her eyes on the boiling pot.
" I just left Rafe up the street playing with the boy next door." I said still breathless as I stood so she could see me. " But by the time I got back here, you'll never guess what I found in the bushes?"
Granny turn to look at me with confusion washed over her aged brown face while she continue to stir the pot.
"What you find in my bushes?"
"I found our neighbor's son , he was playing in the bushes! He was up the street a moment ago playing with Rafe, now he's here. I know that sounds crazy, but that's what I saw. It scared the daylight out of me."
Granny continue to stare at me with ancient eyes but a wide smile began to cross her thick lips. "Chile, didn't I say the boy was a twin?"
Later that night Granny with no other means to entertain her grandchildren, Granny told us this story.
She called this story Doppelgangers.

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