Friday Fictioneers/ Expensive Junk

Dawn M Miller 
Welcome Friday Fictioneers. These are my 100 words.

                                                Expensive Junk
“It’s not here!” 
“Are you sure?”
“ Sir,” the man waved the owner over, “ do you have any green lamps?
“Here’s one,” he showed them.
“No, this one is encased in glass, about this high.” The woman gestured.
“It’s her Dad’s favorite.”
“Can’t say that I have…” The man replaced the lamp. “ Sorry.”
Disappointed, the couple walked away.
“Now what?!”  
 “There’s a flea market  down the road.” She felt sick.
“ Eighty thousand dollars! And you decide to throw his lamp away with the rest of his junk!” He was furious.
“I didn’t know it!”
 “I should’ve just killed you.”

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


  1. Intriguing tale, but I'm confused. Who's ready to kill whom? I'm not thrilled with either of these two!

  2. $80,000! He'd be long dead, for me.

  3. A great story idea! The last line does seem a bit odd though - I am confused.. the man says he should have killed the woman??

  4. Dear Glynis,

    Alas, killing her wouldn't get the lamp back. But I'd say she's in a mell of a hess. Good one.



  5. great story. $80,000, what a loss! but maybe they didn’t deserve it. doesn’t sound like they liked the old man very much :-)

  6. 80000 woaa that's a lot... Nice write.

  7. How did she know it was worth $80,000.00? She should have been told - but he needs an anger management realignment somehow. Good story and thanks! Nan

  8. There's a risk in throwing away rubbish... And I love green lamps.


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