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I haven’t been posting much lately, my reason is that I've been really busy and I have enjoyed every minute immensely.  I’ve mentioned before that I was working on two novels that I hope to have published later this summer, well I still am, but I was also working on a book of poems and one of short stories that I’ve finished.
The book is called Linger and it’s a compilation of five short stories that has the human condition on display. They are stories of triumph over insurmountable odds and surrender in the wake of misery and despair and everything in between. These stories will bring you to tears, will enrage you, will make you cheer and have you wanting to hug those you hold dear more closely.
If you enjoy reading stories with real life situations and unpredictable endings then Linger  will whet your appetite and leave you wanting more.
Here are a few reviews from other authors about Linger:
"Realistic, tragic, yet heart-warming....that's just the first story" LAZARUS
"Marvelous. All those emotions flowing through your words are amazing. That's why you better not judge a book by its cover, it might surprise you what lies underneath. Well done."Tatyana Black -- Join By Love
'"I love the descriptive writing."Lenora Rodgers--Sea Scenes
"You paint a vivid portrait of what life must've been like for those struggling to survive the storm. Good job." D. Wayne Moore--Illegal Aliens
"Touching tales that gives one pause, ...well done" Dave Horton--Bare and Dead
I hope you will check out my book and please let me know what you think. Thanks.
You can find Linger at all available ebooks venders and soon in paperback on demand. Also while you there, check out my other book The Between 
Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin

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